Custom Loot Descriptions


Smell-o-vision: This simple magical toy is a blessing to parents of simple minded children. A person may draw upon a special enchanted board with chalk. As a standard action, the board will begin to emit a smell similar to the drawing on the enchanted board. More than one child has had this toy taken away from them after drawing ogre asses.

-Craft Wondrous item, minor image, CL 5, 500 gp

Fuzzy Dice- This set of fuzzy wool six sided dice is a common fixture in the carriages and wagons of the mainlands. Halflings are known to equip this item in their carriages along with wagon wheels of spinning and axles of levitation. These dice provide a +2 luck bonus to Profession (driver) checks.

Wagon Wheels of Spinning- These magical wheels improve the speed of a vehicle by +10 feet. Whenever the vehicle comes to a stop, the wheel spokes continue to spin for 1d8 rounds.

Axles of levitation- These axles are favored by halfling caravans. They allow a wagon to effortlessly float a river. The axles can also be used to raise or lower the wagon bed at will.

Flashing strobe-This crystal globe has a minor enchantment that allows the user to have the item make flashing lights at a specific frequency, determined by the wielder.

Mushroom lamp- This mushroom shaped lamp is a favorite of druids everywhere. Because it is made out of wood, druids can use it without penalty. A wielder may burn sacred herbs or oils to gain greater effects. This mushroom lamp allows the wielder to speak with plants, as the druid spell, for ten minutes. Some druid scholars speak of using these lamps to send their minds “far out” into the cosmos to commune with the gods. Of course, such uses of this lamp are hearsay and no factual evidence has been produced showing that such lamps can be used to contact a “higher” plane.

Craft wondrous item, speak with animals, contact other plane, creator must be a druid. CL 9, 8000 gp

Lava lamp- The hypnotizing movement of the liquid in this globe causes some to stare in amazement and wonder. Any humanoid except the wielder who watches the lava lamp for more than one round must succeed at a DC 15 Will save or become fascinated. Once per day, the wielder can unleash two scorching rays as a standard action.

Craft Wondrous Item, scorching ray, hypnotic pattern. CL 7th; 6500 gp


Custom Loot Descriptions

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